• Programs To Help Ageing Surf Warriors.


Designed for surfers, over 30, by a Kung Fu Master.

The Fit4Surf programs will teach you how to keep surfing into old age. Surf longer, prevent injuries and learn how to keep yourself loose and fatigue free.

Reduce fatique

Stay at your peak longer.

Increase stamina

Surf longer with more power.

Prevent Injuries

Keeping you in the water.

Pre Surf Warm Up

The ultimate pre surf warm up!

Post Surf Stretch

Stretch out in less than 5 minutes!

Conditioning Programs

Guaranteed to rock your world.

My Philosophy and Guarantee

The Fit4Surf programs are created for you, the surfer who is getting older and starting to feel the wear and tear of surfing and life. You just love to be in the water; whether it’s on the weekends or every chance you get. You don’t want current, or future injuries, and lack of mobility to end your favourite passion. You want to keep surfing.

I know what you need because I am just like you.

I love surfing. I am 45, and because of the programs I have to teach you I can still move better than most 20 year olds.

Through my experience I know that all you want to do is keep surfing as much as you can, for as long as you can.

So the Fit4Surf programs are designed around Your health.

The emphasis of our programs is not on fitness as a term describing only cardio or strength, but fitness defined as it should be.

Fitness is “the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task”.

In this case that means being as fit as you can to surf whenever you want for as long as you want no mater how old you are..

Through teaching people of all ages for over 12 years now I know that the number one thing that stops people from doing what they love, is not lack of cardio fitness or strength, its mobility and flexibility; Plus the overall condition of their bodies and movement capabilities.

In my programs mobility for surfing, and flexibility for surfing, are the top priorities. Surfing fitness is determined by your ability to firstly get in the water without any injuries, stay in the water as long as you want, and then return to the water; fresh, with no aches and pains, injuries or niggles to stop you having fun.

The emphasis is on showing you how to relieve and reset the body from the physical strains surfing and life are already putting on your body.

I can guarantee you that the small amount of spare time you have is best spent on mobility and flexibility.

In fact, I am so confident my philosophy is correct  I offer a guarantee on my Platinum Membership as follows.

“All you have to do is learn the pre surf warm up and do it every day for 2 weeks. If you don’t feel the difference in your body and in your surfing I will refund your money.”

So click on the Platinum membership sign up now button below and get started!

Don’t worry….. If you want to get insanely fit and strong, because you are going on a boat or surf trip, and need that little bit of extra paddling strength or general surfing fitness. The cardio and strength programs I have included for you are simple, need no equipment, and are guaranteed to prepare you for 6-8 hours of surfing everyday.

To understand the philosophy and difference of the Fit4Surf programs please take some time to read the blogs I have put up. They describe in more detail key points I would like you to know about how everything that is in our programs is specifically designed around a certain formula, which takes into account the very latest info on how the body moves and functions.

Two Simple memberships.


  • Easy to follow guide and techniques for relieving your overworked body.
  • The ultimate pre surf warm up.
  • An insane surfing fitness program.
  • Breathing techniques (the key to reducing stress and heart conditions).
  • Meditations
  • Taoist Qi Gong
  • All the Gold Level content as well.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Easy to learn post surf stretch routine.
  • Life time membership to the Fit4Surf website.
  • Life time of program updates.
  • Access the videos on your smartphone or device 24/7
  • Personal surfing health and fitness coach.
  • Support and guidance if you have problems.


  • Techniques and tips to reduce fatigue
  • Techniques to increase stamina
  • techniques to keep your shoulders loose
  • Balance drills
  • Breathing drills
  • Taoist Qigong (energy exercises)
  • Incredible amount of info for $29
  • Support and guidance from the program creator
  • Its like having your own personal movement and health coach.
  • Access the videos on your smartphone or device 24/7

Some valued comments from our members

Nathan Head

The Man behind Fit4Surf
Nathan Head is a Kung Fu Master and expert in teaching movement, fitness and health. Nathan’s depth of knowledge in so many different but complimenting disciplines, allows him to combine this knowledge and  experience to transform a persons health and ability to move.

With over 28 years experience in the martial arts and 17 years teaching,  12 years teaching Qigong (Chi Kung) and meditation,  and more than half his life as a Yoga practitioner Nathan has been able to combine his passions into a program to bring better health, performance and improved abilities to older surfers all over the world.

Nathan Head is a 49 year old who lives in Cronulla, Sydney Australia. He has been surfing since he was a young boy in the 70’s, learning on the beaches of the far south coast of NSW, on the borrowed single fins of his best friends. 
Surfing has always been an integral part of Nathan’s physical and above all mental health. So on any given day you may see him around Cronulla smiling and loving the opportunity to be in the water.
When he gets out of the water he has to go to work too, if you can call it work. He is the Founder of Head Academy, which has 5 locations around Sydney  teaching over a thousand students weekly everything from Kung Fu to meditation and Qigong.

Contact Fit4Surf

Remember I am always here to help, so if you have any problems at all please let me know. I will get back to you ASAP, if the surf is pumping it may take just a little bit longer than normal.